Permits can only be obtained between the hours of 8:30 and 4 p.m., 7 days a week at the Police Department.

The Town of Cape Elizabeth allows open burning within the Town borders.  All open burning within the Town of Cape Elizabeth will be in accordance with Maine Forestry Department Laws & Regulations. Open buring permits are issued by the Public Safety Clerk located at the Police Department, and does so under the authority of the Chief of the Fire Department. All applicants for permits must be a resident of the Town of Cape Elizabeth and the landowner, or an authorized user of the land. Individuals applying for a permit must be at least 18 years of age. Please note that some nieghborhoods and adjacent roads have been prohibited from recieving open burning permits, a list can be found below.

The applicant must provide the Public Safety Clerk with a telephone number that they can be reached at during the open burning and after the burning, in the event of rekindle.

Permits will be issued after approximately 0830 hours. This will allow for the Public Safety Clerk to receive the Maine Department of Conservation fire weather report and class day. Permits may only be issued on a class 1 or 2 day, when the wind speed is less than 10 MPH. Permits may only be issued on the day that the burning will occur, unless the Chief of Department makes a pre-approved exception.

Daily Fire Danger Report

Permits for the burning of brush, slash, vegetation & wood products must be completely extinguished by 2100 hours. Permits for camp & bon fires may be permitted until 2400 hours. Tools and water supply must also be present at all sites of open burning.

Contractors must have a site inspection by the Chief of Department, Deputy Chief, or Fire Officer before any open burning permits may be issued. Contractors should notify the Public Safety Clerk who will then notify the Chief of Department, Deputy Chief, or Fire Officer of the location and he/she will make an inspection as time permits. The Chief of Department, Deputy Chief, or Officer performing the inspection will issue the permit and return a copy to the Public Safety Clerk.

Change of weather conditions:
If the weather becomes hazardous for open burning the clerk on duty will contact the permit holder by telephone and instruct them to extinguish the fire. If the permit holder cannot be reached the Chief of Department, Deputy Chief, or Fire Officer should be sent to the location, and relay the instruction.

If a complaint is received about an open burning site, the Chief of Department, Deputy Chief, or Fire Officer will be sent to check the site. If these personnel are not available an Engine Company will be dispatched by still alarm to the location. The officer on the engine will determine if the complaint is valid and extinguish the fire if necessary.