The Training Division is made up of the Training Officers of each company (usually the first Lieutenants), the Recruit Training Officer, the Fire Chief and both Deputies. It is headed up by the Deputy Chief of Training. The Department takes training it’s members seriously. We believe that every member should be trained as well as our career counterparts in full-time departments.

The department requires that each member annually receives training for the OSHA required topics. All new Firefighters are required to complete the Basic Fire School (per Maine Bureau of Labor Standards). All apparatus drivers are required to complete the CEVO III course and a EVOC/AVOC course prior to driving to emergency calls. Rescue members must obtain and maintain their licenses per Maine EMS regulations. WETeam members must complete their apprentice program before they are considered certified. And finally all Officers must complete NIMS and Fire Officer 1 & 2 courses in order to be eligible for promotion.

Each Company is responsible for training their members. The Training Division will issue the requirements for the year. Normally there will be 5 or 6 required topics that are specific for each company. The department requires that every member obtains at least 24 training hours each year in order to remain active on the department. Most members have far more than the minimum hours.