Wind Chill / Winter Weather Preparation

Living in New England, it is safe to say that we are used going about our lives in just about any type of winter weather! However, it is not all too often that we see stretches of extreme cold temperatures. It is expected that temperatures will continue to drop and last through the weekend. With forecasts showing the potential for the wind chill to drop to as low as -25 degrees, extra precautions should be taken. We have complied a list of tips to assist you and your family in preparation for a safe weekend.

  1. Wear multiple layers!! Frostbite can occur within minutes when exposed to extreme temperatures. If you do not need to be outside, adjust your plans to stay indoors as much as possible. This could be a perfect excuse to catch up on a book or spend more time with family!
  2. Allow extra time to travel. Road salt is very ineffective at temperatures below 10 degrees. Keep an eye out for black ice and adjust your speed for the conditions.
  3. If you must use portable heating devices, make sure they are plugged directly into an outlet (not an extension cord). Ensure that all flammable objects are at a minimum of 3 feet away from the device.
  4. NEVER run portable generators in your garage or home. They should be at least 10 feet away from any structure.
  5. Check your heating vent pipes on the exterior of your home. Blockages from snow and other debris can lead to carbon monoxide (CO) back feeding into your living space. If your CO alarm is sounding, evacuate immediately and call 9-1-1.
  6. Consider leaving a small amount of water running in your home to reduce the chance of freezing pipes.

Make sure to check in on your neighbors and most of all, be safe. We will be here if you need us.

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