Inspection/Enforcement Branch

The Inspection/Enforcement Branch is supervised by the Fire Inspector and this branch is responsible for inspecting all commercial properties, as well as, residential buildings with three or more units (apartments/condos). Inspections are conducted on an annual basis beginning in February and ending in November. Some properties, to include buildings owned by the Town of Cape Elizabeth, are inspected more frequently and on a random basis. Within a given year, over 100 inspections are conducted on facilities under our jurisdiction.

For more information regarding the authorities exercised by this branch, please refer to Chapter 8 of the Town of Cape Elizabeth’s Ordinances



Public Education Branch

The Public Education Branch is supervised by the Public Education Officer with a primary mission of providing our townspeople with education programs, for all ages. Each program strives to prevent accidents and to prepare for events should one occur.

Our largest program involves providing fire safety education to the Pond Cove Elementary School. Each year during Fire Prevention Month (October) firefighters meet with each physical education class from the 1st to 4th grades. The students are given instruction on new fire prevention techniques, which include the review of old information, as well as, physical activities to put the new information to practice.

Other programs include fire station tours, visiting day cares during fire prevention week, Middle School Career Day, and much more.

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