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The Cape Elizabeth Fire-Rescue Department (CEFRD), as well as the entire public safety community, prides itself on the ability to provide an exceptionally high level of service and care to our townspeople and visitors. In order to meet this goal, the CEFRD has established a collection a Standard Operation Guidelines (SOGs) to help foster efficient, safe, and timely services. As part of our mission, the department aims to keep this resource up to date for not only its employees, but the public as well. We feel that it is important to be transparent with our community, but at the same time believe this resource should be shared with other departments/organizations.

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Section 1: Introduction

#Policy Name Link Last Updated
1.0 Authority PDF N/A
1.1 Preface PDF N/A
1.2 Purpose PDF N/A
1.3 Structure PDF N/A
1.4 Identification and Recognition PDF N/A
1.5 Severability PDF N/A
1.6 Mission PDF N/A
1.7 Manual Receipt PDF N/A
1.8 Acknowledgements PDF N/A

Section 2: Rules and Regulations

#Policy Name Link Last Updated
2.0 Authority PDF N/A
2.1 Professional Responsibilities PDF N/A
2.2 Orders PDF N/A
2.3 Required Conduct PDF N/A
2.4 Prohibited Conduct PDF N/A
2.5 Uniforms & Appearance PDF N/A
2.6 Department Property & Equipment PDF N/A
2.7 Disciplinary Actions PDF N/A

Section 3: Job Descriptions

#Policy Name Link Last Updated
3.1 Chief Officers
3.1.1 Chief of Department PDF N/A
3.1.2 Deputy Chief PDF N/A
3.1.3 Deputy Chief / EMS Coordinator PDF N/A
3.2 Fire Personnel
3.2.1 Fire Captain PDF N/A
3.2.2 Fire Lieutenant PDF N/A
3.2.3 Firefighter PDF N/A
3.2.4 Driver-Operator PDF N/A
3.3 EMS Branch Personnel
3.3.1 EMS Captain PDF N/A
3.3.2 EMS Lieutenant - Equipment Officer PDF N/A
3.3.3 EMS Lieutenant - QAQI Officer PDF N/A
3.3.4 Lieutenant - Training Officer PDF N/A
3.3.5 EMS Provider PDF N/A
3.3.6 Utility Driver PDF N/A
3.4 Water Extrication Team Personnel
3.4.1 WET Captain PDF N/A
3.4.2 WET Lieutenant PDF N/A
3.4.3 WET Rescue Technician PDF N/A
3.5.4 WET Support Technican PDF N/A
3.5 Fire-Police Personnel
3.5.1 Fire-Police Captain PDF N/A
3.5.2 Fire-Police Lieutenant PDF N/A
3.5.3 Fire-Police Officer PDF N/A
3.6 Information Services Division
3.6.1 Information Services Officer PDF N/A
3.6.2 NFIRS Coordinator PDF N/A
3.6.3 MEMSRR Coordinator PDF N/A
3.6.4 Department Photographer PDF N/A
3.6.5 Department Webmaster PDF N/A
3.6.6 Payroll Supervisor PDF N/A
3.6.7 Payroll Clerk PDF N/A
3.7 Department Staff
3.7.1 Fire Inspector PDF N/A
3.7.2 Infection Control Officer PDF N/A
3.7.3 Medical Director PDF N/A
3.7.4 Public Education Officer
3.7.5 Public Information Officer
3.7.6 Recruit Training Officer PDF N/A
3.7.7 Safety Officer PDF N/A
3.7.8 SCBA Maintenance Officer PDF N/A
3.7.9 Fire/Arson Investigator
3.7.10 Chaplin PDF N/A
3.7.11 Company Clerk PDF N/A
3.7.12 Company Driver Trainer PDF N/A
3.7.13 Company Equipment Officer PDF N/A
3.7.14 Company Student Coordinator PDF N/A
3.7.15 Company Training Officer PDF N/A

Section 4: Special Orders

#Policy Name Link Last Updated
2010-01 Mandatory Fire Training PDF N/A
2010-03 Line Officers PDF N/A
2010-04 Staff Officers PDF N/A
2011-01 Mandatory Training PDF N/A
2011-02 Expiring Positions PDF N/A
2011-03 Line Officers PDF N/A
2011-05 Line Officers PDF N/A
2011-06 Line Officers PDF N/A
2012-01 Mandatory Training PDF N/A
2012-02 Expiring Positions PDF N/A
2012-03 Line Officers PDF N/A
2012-04 Staff Officers PDF N/A
2012-05 Engine Company Mandatory Training PDF N/A
2012-06 Rescue Company Mandatory Training PDF N/A
2013-01 EMS Clothing PDF N/A
2013-02 EMS Staffing PDF N/A
2013-03 Tone Activation of EMS PDF N/A

Section 5: Administrative

#Policy Name Link Last Updated
5.0 Functional Organizational Chart PDF N/A
5.1 Construction Blasting Permits PDF N/A
5.2 Board of Engineers PDF N/A
5.3 Committees PDF N/A
5.4 Computer & Internet Usage PDF N/A
5.41 Information Systems - Access Control Levels PDF N/A
5.42 IamResponding Acceptable Use PDF N/A
5.5 Open Burning PDF N/A
5.6 Press Releases PDF N/A
5.7 Privately Contracted Department Service Rates PDF N/A
5.8 Public Access to Fire Department Records PDF N/A
5.9 Unauthorized Access to Utilities PDF N/A
5.10 Firefighter License Plates PDF N/A
5.11 CEFD Scholarship Program PDF N/A
5.15 Donated Training Facilities Use Agreement PDF N/A
5.16 Live Fire Pre-Burn Checklist PDF N/A
5.17 Staffing & Procedures for Live Burn Training PDF N/A

Section 6: Personnel

#Policy Name Link Last Updated
6.1 Employee Leave PDF N/A
6.2 Employee Recognition PDF N/A
6.3 Employee Status PDF N/A
6.4 Hiring Process PDF N/A
6.5 Employee Promotions PDF N/A
6.6 Medical Evaluations PDF N/A
6.7 Pay PDF N/A
6.8 Smoking PDF N/A
6.9 Sexual Harassment PDF N/A
6.10 Student Program PDF N/A
6.11 Substance Abuse PDF N/A
6.12 Uniform & Dress Code PDF N/A
6.13 Cell Phone Use PDF N/A
6.14 Social Media PDF N/A
6.15 Critical Incident Stress Debriefing PDF N/A
6.16 Respiratory Standard PDF N/A
6.19 Per-Diem EMS Provider Roles & Responsibilities PDF N/A
6.20 Firefighter/EMT Line of Duty Death PDF N/A
6.21 Displaying of the US Flag PDF N/A

Section 7: Operations

#Policy Name Link Last Updated
7.1 General Operations
7.101 Incident Command PDF N/A
7.102 Automatic & Mutual Aid PDF N/A
7.103 Knox Box PDF N/A
7.104 Apparatus Operations PDF N/A
7.105 Station Coverage PDF N/A
7.106 Duty Schedule PDF N/A
7.107 Duty Officer PDF N/A
7.108 Types of Alarms PDF N/A
7.109 Hydrant Maintenance PDF N/A
7.110 Radio Use PDF N/A
7.111 Personal Protective Equipment PDF N/A
7.113 Hose Testing PDF N/A
7.115 Storm Procedures PDF N/A
7.2 Fire Suppression
7.201 Engine Company Operations PDF N/A
7.202 Ladder Company Operations PDF N/A
7.203 Search & Rescue PDF N/A
7.204 Forcible Entry PDF N/A
7.205 Structure Fires PDF N/A
7.207 Vehicle Fires PDF N/A
7.210 Chimney Fires PDF N/A
7.211 Mulch & Trash Fires PDF N/A
7.212 Brush Grass & Forestry Fires PDF N/A
7.214 Alarm Activations PDF N/A
7.220 Fire Cause Determination PDF N/A
7.3 Fire Ground Safety
7.301 Rapid Intervention Team PDF N/A
7.302 MAYDAY & Priority Traffic PDF N/A
7.303 Fire Ground Accountability PDF N/A
7.304 Manpower Pool PDF N/A
7.305 Incident Rehabilitation PDF N/A
7.305-1 Formal Rehabilitation Worksheet PDF N/A
7.306 Post Structure Fire Air Monitoring PDF N/A
7.307 Fire Ground Evacuation Procedures PDF N/A
7.308 Hearing Protection PDF N/A
7.309 Lockout/Tag-Out Procedure PDF N/A
7.310 2 In / 2 Out Procedure PDF N/A
7.320 Post Incident Analysis PDF N/A
7.4 Public Education & Safety
7.401 Inspections PDF N/A
7.402 Pre-Plans PDF N/A
7.403 Injury Matrix & Reporting PDF N/A
7.405 Injury Prevention
7.406 Fire Prevention Education PDF N/A
7.407 Water Safety Education PDF N/A
7.408 Hydrant Use PDF N/A
7.5 Special Operations PDF N/A
7.501 Bomb Threats PDF N/A
7.502 Cliff Rescue PDF N/A

Section 8: Training

#Policy Name Link Last Updated
8.01 Initial Mandatory Training PDF N/A
8.02 Engine Company Orientation PDF N/A
8.03 EMS Orientation PDF N/A
8.03-1 EMS Provider Orientation Checklist PDF N/A
8.03-2 EMS Utility Orientation Checklist PDF N/A
8.04 WETeam Orientation PDF N/A
8.05 Fire-Police Origination PDF N/A
8.06 Officer Development Plan PDF N/A
8.07 Driver Training PDF N/A
8.10 Department Yearly Mandatory Training PDF N/A
8.11 Fire Company Yearly Mandatory Training PDF N/A
6.12 EMS Training PDF N/A
8.13 WETeam Yearly Mandatory Training PDF N/A
8.14 Fire-Police Yearly Mandatory Training PDF N/A
8.20 Incident Management PDF N/A
8.21 Traffic Flagger Training PDF N/A
8.22 Emergency Scene Safety PDF N/A
8.23 WMD Awareness Training PDF N/A
8.24 Haz/Com Training PDF N/A
8.25 Respiratory Standard Training PDF N/A
8.30 Training Reimbursement PDF N/A

Section 9: Records, Forms, Compliance

#Policy Name Link Last Updated
9.0 NIMS Terminology & Definitions PDF N/A

Appendixes: Town Ordinances & Misc Forms

Policy Name Link Last Updated
Town of Cape Elizabeth Personnel Code PDF N/A
Town of Cape Elizabeth Administrative Code PDF N/A
Town of Cape Elizabeth Fire Protection Code PDF N/A
Hurricane IAP Template PDF N/A
Beach to Beach IAP Template