The Cape Elizabeth Fire-Rescue Department is primarily a paid on-call department. The department employs a full-time Fire Chief, as well as, a two per-diem EMS responders, who are on-duty at Town Center Station 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All other responders are paid an hourly rate for each emergency call they answer. These individuals carry radio based pagers, which are activated by our regional dispatch center when there is an emergency. These responders come from whatever activities they might be doing at the time, whether it is working, sleeping, having dinner with family, and/or working around the house. The department depends on a large number of trained and certified emergency workers to ensure a prompt and efficient response to a wide range of incidents.

Each member is required to obtain the same level of training as their “career” counterparts in other full-time departments. For example Firefighters complete Firefighter I & II training, while Emergency Medical Responders are licensed to practice by the State (Maine EMS). Those aspiring to become line-officers must have NIMS and Officer I & II to be promoted.

Our Mission

To protect lives and property by providing our townspeople and visitors with the best possible emergency services through fire protection, prevention, and emergency medical services (EMS).


Our Response Area

For the purpose of assigning apparatus, manpower, and company responsibilities, the Town of Cape Elizabeth is split into two response districts; Cape Cottage and Town Center. While responses in either district rarely differ, company captains are responsible for building inspections, fire prevention activities, public events, hydrant maintenance, and other related duties within their assigned district.

Cape Cottage District:┬áComprised of the northern part of town, the Cape Cottage response district falls under responsibility of Cape Cottage Station and it’s fire captain.

Town Center District:┬áComprised of the southern end of town, the Town Center response district falls under the responsibility of Town Center Station and it’s fire captain.

E-601 Auto Aid District:┬áThe Town of Cape Elizabeth and The City of South Portland participate in a automatic aid agreement to help increase equipment and manpower resource. As part of this agreement Cape Elizabeth E-601 responds on all box alarms within South Portland E-42’s response district (see map to right). In return, South Portland E-42/L-42 responds to the eastern portion of the Cape Cottage response district.