The Cape Elizabeth Fire-Rescue Department has a robust Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division with offices and apparatus stationed at Town Center Fire Station. The Department is licensed by Maine EMS as an EMT level service, with a permit to provide Paramedic level service. The Department has approximately 50 licensed EMS providers ranging from EMT to Paramedic. The EMS Division maintains two ambulances with supplemented response from the fire/rescue division for EMS assistance, motor vehicle collisions, and specialized rescue. In addition to patient care the EMS Division is responsible for providing administration, equipment, supplies, training and quality assurance & improvement for to the entire Department.

The EMS Division is made up of members from various roles across numerous departments, to include Firefighters, EMS Providers, and Police Officers

Police Department

Every police officer employed within the Town of Cape Elizabeth holds a minimum of a Basic EMT license and is the only department with this requirement in the State of Maine.


Each full-time police officer with the Cape Elizabeth Police Department maintains a minimum of a Basic EMT license, which plays a vital role in the Town’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) mission. The immediate response of EMT/Police Officers has improved the outcomes of many critically sick and injured patients. This effort allows for two additional EMS Providers twenty-four hours a day (when not on police emergencies) to assist the Department.

The EMS Division also assists the Cape Elizabeth Police Department with ensuring that all Police Officers gain and maintain EMT licensure, as well as being equipped the necessary tools to respond to medical emergencies.

Per-Diem Program


Prior to 2012 EMS response was handled exclusively by volunteer (paid-by-call) EMTs, AEMTs, and Paramedics who responded to all medical emergencies within the Town of Cape Elizabeth. A per-diem paramedic was added to the division in January of 2012 to initially respond to medical emergencies daily between 0800 and 1700 hours and provide assistance to volunteer providers. Due to extremely favorable results and an ever increasing incident volume, the per-diem program was expanded to 24 hours a day coverage, 7 days a week. Staffing is now at two responders per shift, which facilitates the ability to handle patient care and transportation to the hospital in an efficient manner. The department does still rely on paid-on call EMTs, AEMTs and Paramedics who respond to assist the per-diem crews.


Ambulance 61 (right) and Ambulance 62 (left) at Maine Medical Center