Cape Cottage Station

The Cape Cottage Fire Station is a call station (no on duty staff) located on Shore Road in the northern section of town and is the home of Engine One Company. This station was built in 1934 with government funds as part of the rebuilding from the great depression. Prior to construction (1916-1934) the company’s apparatus were stored at local service stations. The original building had only the garage area with two overhead doors. The addition on the right was added later and was the original location of the public safety dispatch center and is currently used for meetings and training. The company has office space is in the rear. In recent years the two overhead doors were replaced with the single large door shown above. The company holds a regular business meeting here on the second Monday of each month.

Apparatus Stationed at Cape Cottage Station:

  • Engine 61
  • Forestry 64



Town Center Station

The Town Center Station is a call station (no on duty staff) located on Jordan Way, which is in the center of town, next door to the police station. Town Center Station is the location of the Department’s Administration Offices. The Fire Chief is on duty weekdays. The station is also home to Engine Two Company and Rescue Company, as well as the Water Extrication Team (WETeam).

This building, which was originally the Public Works Garage was renovated and became Town Center Station. The town decided that it would be better to move the Public Works out of the center of town (the schools are right next door) and put them together with the Transfer Center. Prior to that the Public Safety Building (Fire-Police-Dispatch) was located at 325 Ocean House Rd. When Engine Two Company was first formed they stored it’s equipment in the basement of town hall (across the street). The fire station was built at 325 Ocean House Rd (which is currently the new Police Station) with 3 bays. Later a meeting room was built and the dispatch center was moved here from the Cape Cottage Station. When the Rescue Company was formed they were given a bay behind the station. Later a 4th bay was added to the front of the building when the Rescue purchased a backup ambulance.

Due to the lack of space the WETeam stored their equipment behind the Town Hall, in the building referred to as Station 3. With the transformation of the Public Works Garage to the Town Center Station, the WETeam was finally able to join the other two companies in a “real” fire station.

At Town Center Station all three companies have office space in addition to the department’s administrative offices. The station has a large training/meeting room and a state of the art industrial kitchen.

Engine 2 holds it’s regular business meeting on the first Monday of each month. Rescue Company’s regular business meeting is on the third Monday of each month and The Water Extrication Team (WET) meets on the fourth Monday.

Apparatus Stationed at Town Center Station:

  • Engine 62
  • Engine 63
  • Ladder 61
  • Ambulance 61
  • Ambulance 62
  • Support 608
  • Service Truck 610